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One of the most recognised sex toys on the market. The Dildo.

If you are looking to buy a dildo online, Seeking Satisfaction has a range of dildos varying in shape and sizes. Perfect for absolute beginners to complete pros. Browse our available stock and be assured that all of our orders are shipped discreetly!

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Buying the best dildo online

When looking to buy the perfect dildo online, there are a few factors you need to consider such as length, girth, shape, function, and materials. Lucky for you, all of the dildos we stock are completely safe for use and made form non-porous materials which make cleaning a breeze.


Length & Girth

We stock a range of different lengths and girths which accommodate depending on your experience with internal stimulation. For the less experienced users, we would recommend going with something a little but smaller until you are comfortable with the feel and use of your dildo.


Shape and function

A dildos shape is designed to help target your G-spot. This is due to the curves of the dildo complementing your internal contours, making discover of the G-spot more accessible.

Using a dildo with a partner

Using a dildo with your partner shouldn’t be a taboo topic so if you’re thinking of introducing one into the bedroom, here is a good place to start.

We’ve found that double ended dildos are an excellent couple’s toy, whether it be vaginally or anally and can be used to bring pleasure to you and your partner simultaneously.

If you’ve thought about bringing someone else in to your relationship, it can also be a really great alternative or an easy way to ease into the idea of inviting another person into the bedroom (sometimes, twos company, threes a crowd).

It is important to remember if you are using a dildo anally, we would always recommend to use an anal-safe lubricant.

Pegging (and we don’t mean the washing) can be enjoyed using our range of strap on dildos in all kinds of couples, also used for lesbian sex or even hetero sex where a little variety is missing.

Frequently asked questions

Are there different types of dildos?

There are many different types of dildos on the market. These include realistic dildos, glass dildos, giant dildos, or even dildos modeled after people in the adult industry

Does the design of a dildo help with stimulation?

The design of a dildo is often made with curves to follow your internal contours, allowing you to navigate your way to your G-spot.

Where can I buy a dildo?

There are various places you can buy a dildo from, whether it is online or in a store. However, when looking to purchase a dildo online, make sure you find a retailer that offers non-porous materials such as silicon to help with the cleaning process after you have used it.

Can I use my dildo with my partner?

Of course, you can. Because of the various shapes and types of dildos on the market, a dildo is the perfect toy to introduce into the bedroom with your partner.

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