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The Art of Squirting: A Comprehensive Guide to Female Ejaculation


Squirting isn’t exactly new..

For centuries, female ejaculation, also known as ‘squirting’, has been acknowledged and even documented, dating as far back as the times when the Kamasutra was written between 200-400 AD. Even though its benefits have been recognised over hundreds of years, it’s only recently that we’ve truly begun to appreciate and understand it. Becoming a highly sought-after facet of female sexuality, it’s time to delve into the intricacies of female ejaculation. So, if you’re keen to navigate the sometimes wet and always exciting journey of squirting, our expert guide is here to lend a helping hand.


The Nature of Squirting

Squirting, or female ejaculation, is often experienced as an involuntary release of fluid during sex or when the vulva is stimulated. This has historically been mislabelled as inadvertent urination during sexual activity, causing embarrassment for some. However, we now understand this fluid to be akin to the secretions produced by the male prostate during stimulation, leading to comparisons of the Skene’s glands (the glands responsible for these secretions) to a ‘female prostate’. In the modern world, squirting is hailed and celebrated as a powerful expression of sexual arousal, sparking a growing curiosity amongst women eager to experience this unique form of orgasm.

What Exactly Is Female Ejaculation

Contrary to popular myths, female ejaculation is not simply urine. Scientific studies have confirmed that the fluid expelled during squirting primarily consists of prostatic fluid (90%), glucose (10%) and a minute amount of urea, closely resembling the composition of male ejaculate, which also contains 0.5% urea.


Female Ejaculation: Where Does It Come From?

Where does this pleasurable phenomenon originate? Well, doctors and medical researchers have found that the fluid released during vaginal ejaculation is secreted from the Skene’s glands, the glands that encircle the G-spot, also known as ‘the female prostate’. These glands produce a fluid akin to that secreted by the male prostate when stimulated.


What Does Female Ejaculation Look Like?

According to the adult film industry, female ejaculation often looks like the climax of intense sexual pleasure – and in many cases, they’re not wrong. The appearance and texture of the fluid can vary widely, ranging from a clear, watery substance to a thicker, stickier, and milkier liquid. The quantity of the fluid can also fluctuate greatly from woman to woman, with amounts spanning from a mere teaspoon to a full cup for some.

Free Shipping over Β£50 πŸ€‘ Always Discreet Packaging πŸš›

Free Shipping over Β£50 πŸ€‘ Always Discreet Packaging πŸš›

Free Shipping over Β£50 πŸ€‘ Always Discreet Packaging πŸš›

Free Shipping over Β£50 πŸ€‘ Always Discreet Packaging πŸš›

Free Shipping over Β£50 πŸ€‘ Always Discreet Packaging πŸš›

Free Shipping over Β£50 πŸ€‘ Always Discreet Packaging πŸš›

The Sensation of Female Ejaculation

The sensation of squirting can vary greatly from person to person. For some, stimulation of the G-spot leads to intense arousal, while for others, it might not provide much pleasure at first. However, many agree that the sensation of squirting feels similar to urinating. To help focus on the pleasure rather than the apprehension, we suggest emptying your bladder before trying to squirt.

Self love

Why do Some Women Experience Squirting?

For some women, squirting just naturally happens when stimulated correctly. Many women have the inherent capability to squirt – it can simply be a matter of figuring out the right technique. But remember, everyone’s body is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Concentrate on learning how to achieve an amazing orgasm rather than focusing solely on the quantity of fluid you can release.

Tip On How To Squirt

If you’re keen to unlock the ability to squirt, consider the following steps.

Relax and Communicate

Discuss your aspirations to squirt with your partner beforehand to prevent any unexpected surprises. It’s also important to note that once mastered, squirting may occur involuntarily. Many are already open to the idea, thanks to adult films showcasing female ejaculation. Relaxation is crucial, so make sure you’re comfortable and ready. This can be a solo journey or shared with a partner – the choice is yours.

Set the Stage

Masturbation and foreplay play a pivotal role in your quest to squirt. Have your partner pay special attention to your breasts and nipples, then focus on the clitoris to induce arousal and make you ready for the next step.

Lube, Lube, Lube

Lubrication is crucial when it comes to squirting. Natural lubrication will start flowing with intimate stimulation, but a helping hand from a quality lube will certainly assist you along your journey.

The Path to Arousal

Once sufficiently aroused, it’s time to focus on the G-spot. A firm metal or glass dildo or G-spot vibrator is ideal for this. If you start to feel like you need to urinate, push through – this feeling will soon be replaced with a build-up to orgasm.

Sex Toys: A Gateway to Squirting

We’ve gathered some expertise on which sex toys are worth investing in to assist your pursuit of squirting. G-spot vibrators, with their curved tips designed to target and stimulate the G-spot, are the top contenders. Whether battery-operated, remote-controlled, or equipped with additional features such as clitoral stimulation, the right toy and a bit of water-based lubricant can do wonders.


Our Top Sex Toys For Squirting

The Best Dildo For Squirting

Lelo Ella - Deep Rose

Lelo Ella - Deep Rose

£47.99View product

Our pick of the best dildo for squirting goes to the LELO Ella. The flattened tip of the LELO Ella is specifically designed to target the G-spot

Why we love it

Multi-purpose Head
Body-safe Silicone
Smooth and seamless

Best Vibrator For Squirting

California Dreaming Santa Monica Starlet

California Dreaming Santa Monica Starlet

£88.00View product

The California Dreaming Santa Monica Starlet is our top pick for the best vibrator for squirting. The curved end and intense vibrations, paired with a flickering tip is sure to get you there

Why we love it

USB Rechargeable
3 speeds of thumping action
Intense G-spot stimulation

Best Rabbit Vibrator For Squirting

Happy Rabbit G-Spot Stroker Rabbit Vibrator Black

Happy Rabbit G-Spot Stroker Rabbit Vibrator Black

£104.99View product

Our recommendation for the best rabbit vibrator for squirting has to be the Happy Rabbit G-Spot Stroker. Combining clitoral and penetrative stimulation is sure to give you all you need to climax from start to finish

Why we love it

Body safe silicone
Flexing G-spot stroking action
15 functions

Best Wand Massager For Squirting

Doxy Die Cast 3 - Roses

Doxy Die Cast 3 - Roses

£124.99View product

Sibling to the flagship Doxy Die Cast, this wand is the perfect companion to help you hit your goal

Why we love it

Plenty of power
Intense vibrations
Easy to handle


7 Lesser-Known Facts About Squirting

1. It’s not urine

Like men, women can also urinate and ejaculate from their urethras – two different types of fluid can emerge from the same place.

2. Female ejaculate isn’t urine

Around 100 scientific studies have concluded that female ejaculate is primarily made up of prostatic fluid and glucose, with only a small amount of urea, similar to male ejaculate.

3. The biggest hurdle to squirting

The fear of urinating. Given that the sensation of squirting can feel similar to urinating, many women feel apprehensive. To allay this fear, we suggest emptying your bladder before starting your pleasure quest.

4. Practice is key

Like most things, getting better at squirting requires practice. Use your favourite G-spot toys and a willing partner to become a squirting connoisseur.

5. Squirting frequency

Several factors influence how often you can squirt in a session, such as the strength of your vaginal muscles, your hydration levels, and how experienced you and your partner are with squirting.

6. Can you have sex after squirting?

Yes, absolutely. It’s an excellent time to engage in penetrative sex, as you’ll be fully aroused and likely to orgasm again.

7. What is squirt stacking?

It’s akin to the technique men use to ‘edge’, where you bring yourself close to climax multiple times before finally allowing yourself to reach an extremely intense squirting orgasm.

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