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Doxy Massager – The Review

Doxy Die Cast - Black

Doxy Massagers

Searching For A Sex Toy Used By The Experts? Look No Further Than Doxy

Wand vibrators are not new to the market, but for months I have been hearing the brand Doxy alongside rave reviews. I’ll be honest, I have tried Wand Massagers in the past, and this one didn’t seem much different at first glance.

After lots of recommendations, with many raving about its power and quality, I decided to take a leap and try it out myself. Rest assured, for the purpose of imparting my information to you, I have spent HOURS researching this product to see if it is worth the investment. Here’s what I found:

Doxy Massager

What is the Doxy Wand Massager?

Created in 2013, the massager has been on the market for a number of years, and it has an increasing fan base that is loyal to the product. Doxy themselves market the product as ‘the most powerful wand’.

The wand is mains operated, as this is what gives the toy the most power for the longest time possible. Simply plug it in at the wall, and let the vibrations do the work on your entire vulva – from top to bottom. This sends ripples through your whole body that you are sure to enjoy. While there are some rechargeable sex toy options on the market, I have found that they don’t compare when it comes to durability and power.

The Design

The length of the Doxy Wand is longer than many other wands on the market. Its cord is also longer, giving you more scope of where you can use it. The head of the wand is made from high-quality, medical-grade PVC, which feels softer and more luxurious than similar wand heads. The shape is smooth, with no joins or sharp corners, which made other wands more difficult to clean. The head is removable, and other attachments can be added if you are looking for a different type of pleasure or want to switch it up.

A word of warning, however – it is recommended that you do not use oils or lubricants that are oil-based as this can wear down the material from the head of the wand.

Doxy Wand Massager

How The Doxy Wand Works

Turn the wand on, and you will find that it does not start at full power, giving you time to get used to the wand and find your rhythm. Beginning at around 75% power, you can then increase or decrease it to your individual taste. The controls are easy to navigate and find when you aren’t necessarily looking at the wand. The larger wand head has a great surface area for touching all the places you want it to, and it isn’t too heavy that it becomes difficult to control.

On top of this, the Doxy wand has a controlled pulse setting that can move the wand at a number of different speeds, controlling the experience for you, allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy the journey. The power is strong enough that you can use the product over clothes if you are looking for a quick orgasm, and with the larger surface area from the head of the Doxy wand, it can stimulate a larger area all at once.

The amazing thing about stimulating this larger area is that it is less concentrated, less direct clitoral stimulation. It still effectively builds to an intensive orgasm, but it does not make it so concentrated that no one can touch that area afterward. And you know what that means? MULTIPLE orgasms in close succession – trust me, I’ve tried it.

Doxy Wand

The Power

The Doxy Wand is by far one of the most powerful sex toys that I have experienced on the market – and I noticed a real difference when using this compared to the Hitachi wand that I would traditionally turn to. The power is easy to control, and I really enjoyed this. When it comes to noise levels, however, it is more discreet than I thought, considering the intensity of it.

With any settings below around 50%, the device is super quiet. Above this, due to the increased power, there is a high-pitched motor noise, but this is comparable to other sex toys on the market. As the buttons are so easy to use, it is easy to build up the speed of the Doxy wand before bringing it back down again, which is great for building up tension when working towards orgasm.

The Packaging

When you first order the Doxy, don’t be intimidated by the parcel that arrives in the mail. While the Doxy is a fair size, the box is HUGE and rather alarming. Open the box up, and you will find a more manageable size.

It is important to note that the packaging adds a further sense of luxury to this toy that is unseen in many other products. You feel like you are opening something of quality rather than a cheap plastic toy, and this makes it a far more sexual and sensual experience.

The Final Verdict

I love the fact that this product is manufactured in England, rather than a country where they employ cheap labour. On top of this, I like the experience that this product delivers more than many other wands on the market. The wand is available with a US plug, making it more accessible to a worldwide market, and can be easily shipped to the States.

While the wand does come with a hefty price tag, it is worth it if you are looking for a high-quality product that will stand the test of time, more than cheaper plastic options on the market. The wand comes with a number of different attachments that I can’t wait to try – from butt plugs, clitoris, and g-spot attachments. There is a world of fun out there waiting to be discovered…

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