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The Mermaid Sex Position

Science of the orgasm
Mermaid Sex Position

Sex Position: The Mermaid

Embark on an adventurous journey into the sea of pleasure and prepare for an unforgettable and sizzling encounter. This provocative position promises profound G-spot connection, immersing both partners in the ebbs and flows of intimate satisfaction.

How To Do The Mermaid

One partner reclines with their back on a flat surface, intertwining both legs and resting them on one side of their partner’s shoulders. The other partner adopts a kneeling posture, lifting the hips of their companion to facilitate a more profound connection and consistent rhythmic motion.


Why It’s Great

This intimate position guarantees comprehensive internal stimulation by focusing on the front wall, enhancing sensitivity and offering a heightened experience around the notoriously elusive G-spot. The partner in control also reaps the reward of a narrower entry point, offering a tantalizing grip.


What to Try?

Altering the leg posture of the receiving partner can significantly intensify the sensations experienced during the act, making it simpler to reach those delightful regions. Experiment by placing the legs on alternating shoulders, raising and lowering occasionally for a myriad of thrilling variations!


Elevate the Experience

A sex position bolster, such as an inflatable cushion or pillow, can make maintaining the position a breeze for extended pleasure. Introduce a variety of sex toys for external arousal. Clitoral vibrators, vibrating cock rings, and nipple clamps will all amplify your erotic yearning.

And never forget, the deeper the dive, the wetter it gets – so always keep your favourite lubricant at hand!

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