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Sex Position: The Corkscrew

Science of the orgasm

The Corkscrew Sex Position

Say goodbye to the traditional Missionary. The Corkscrew reinvents the standard penetration angles, ushering in a fresh tide of sensations for both parties involved.

How is it Done?

Begin in the familiar Missionary position. The top partner then utilizes their forearms and feet to rotate themselves a full 180 degrees relative to their partner.


Why Choose This?

This unconventional angle of penetration decelerates the rhythm and fosters heightened communication between you and your partner, focusing on what’s striking the right chords. It demands more attention than your typical position, effectively slowing the path towards the climax.



If maintaining penetration proves challenging in this posture, adjust until you’re positioned more like an ‘X’ shape, with the penetrating partner’s feet and legs situated closer to the other partner’s feet.


Elevate the Experience

Employing a position-enhancing cushion under the receiving partner’s buttocks or the giving partner’s torso can swiftly modify the angle and the sensations associated with it.

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