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Sex Position: Leap Frog

Science of the orgasm
Leap Frog Sex Position

Sex Position: Leap Frog

The Leap Frog is an outstanding sex position for easy anal accessibility, notably convenient if the penetrating partner or dildo is somewhat modest in size. Beware: While ‘ribbit’ noises might charm actual frogs, echoing such sounds may extinguish the spark of passion in this particular scenario.

How to Perform The Leap Frog?

One partner positions themselves at the edge of the bed, lowering into a squat and leaning slightly forward with their hands resting on the bed for support. The second partner approaches from behind, holding onto the waist of the squatting partner to guide each trust smoothly.


Why Choose This?

The squatting posture in this position offers natural openness for the receiving partner’s anus, easing the way for more comfortable and enjoyable anal penetration. The Leap Frog also presents the opportunity to experiment with optimal penetration angles, and can be adjusted for deep and specific G-spot or vaginal penetration.



Elevate the experience by incorporating a vibrating hollow strap-on or wearable vibrating strap-on, adding an exciting buzz and some additional length. Remember, an ample amount of lube is crucial for a smooth and pleasurable glide.


Boost the Pleasure

In the Leap Frog position, the squatting partner’s clitoris or penis is exposed, inviting the other partner to offer some delightful reach-around stimulation. Want to heighten the excitement further? Bring a finger vibrator or vibrating male masturbator into the mix, and brace yourselves for an onslaught of intensified sensations.

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