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Sex Position: The Bear Hug

Science of the orgasm
Bear Hug Sex Position

The Embrace of the Bear

Experience a comforting clasp, a deviation from the conventional horizontal positions, and enhanced range of motion that gratifies those deep-seated desires. The location for your Embrace of the Bear encounter is entirely in your hands…

How does the Bear Hug sex position work?

In this position, the receiving partner stands and raises one leg, bending it as an inviting gesture for the giving partner. They can use a wall or a bed for support, depending on the degree of verticality they prefer. The giving partner approaches from behind, engaging in a close embrace and penetration. They maintain a firm grip on the receiving partner’s waist, bringing them into a secure clasp.


Why should you try it?

The Embrace of the Bear is a customizable position that can easily be adjusted to your preferred height and penetration angle, offering easy access to peak pleasure. It allows for shared movement between partners, or it can give one partner the lead in setting the tempo and rhythm.

Whether you are enjoying vaginal or anal intercourse, a simple repositioning of the height of either partner or adjustment of the receiving partner’s raised leg can help you discover the most satisfying angle for penetration.


What to experiment with?

Take your exploration to new heights by incorporating some oral pleasure. How, you may wonder? With the use of hands, of course! Adding a clitoral suction vibrator or a blow job toy for the receiving partner during penetration could introduce a thrilling mΓ©nage Γ  trois element to your sex life, all without inviting another person into your bedroom. The added oral sex simulation could result in an electrifying climax.


How to enhance the experience?

The Embrace of the Bear is a brilliant choice if your living space is on the smaller side – simply scout your house for potential spots to indulge in this versatile position. If you’re in the mood to infuse a bit of kinkiness, adding a blindfold or handcuffs for the receiving partner can heighten their senses, leading to an elevated level of pleasure in no time.

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